VEN*C Cultural Soul Academy, Inc.
Keep Culture and Community United While Embracing Individual Talents

All Girls 16 Week Self-Esteem Program
A 16 week program focusing on Self-Esteem among young girls 8-12 years old.  Each week's session covers different aspects of Self-Esteem, Culture and Community Awareness. Through group discussions and activities, the girls will explore how things, situations and people make them feel.

Empower Me to Love Me
An all girls 8-10 week Self-Esteem program geared at girls 10-13 yrs old.       This program is 8 weeks and focuses on teaching the girls to love themselves by taking care of their mind, body and soul..

Our Philosophy
We bring to the community a positive outlet for our youth to learn ways to love and accept themselves for who they are.  
We offer an idea that thinking positively of oneself is the key to healthy relationships, achievement, and happiness.

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light." -Mary Dunbar


A Journey Within
Offers pre-teen boys weekly workshops centered around Self-Esteem. The program teaches the boys the importance of living a positive lifestyle.



Cultural Soul Academy, Inc.

Community Leaders
During the programs, we invite various guest speakers/community leaders to share their talent with the children. The goal of these interactions is to show the them that positive self-esteem and hard-work help you achieve your goals.

Community Work
During our 16 week program, we also give the girls the opportunity to experience community service in a positive manner by having them complete service acts in the community.

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